Anthony Kelly


Anthony introduced this unique training programme and it is one of the most innovative skills courses to improve your reactions in the world. Anthony is constantly teaching professional players and coaches of all sports.

Reaction speed, as all world-class athletes know, can mean the difference between first place and nowhere. Anthony has demonstrated his skill time and time again, catching objects flying at him at 300/fps or punching over 10 times per second, but he wasn’t born with this remarkable ability. He has honed this skill over many years and can now offer you the skills to improve your reactions/reflexes. The program is designed so that children to elite athletes will benefit.

The fundamental elements of the course are:

Speed – How to increase the delivery speed of your particular skill.
Timing – How to perfect the performance in the delivery of your techniques.
Power – Increase the amount of energy you have, both physically and mentally.
Durability – To last longer and to stay focused.
Sensitivity – The degree to which you are sensitive to all physical and mental cues.
Agility – How to be more nimble, versatile and active.

In the world of sports, many years are spent creating a strong and solid foundation on which to build your skills. This doesn’t only apply to sports, it applies to all aspects of your life and this course, developed by Anthony over many years builds on the principle that the faster an athlete can deliver their skill, the more advantage they will have to succeed.

Anthony has completed many Sports qualifications and certificates including: